About Our Team

"Let your light so shine before man that they see your good works
and glorify your Father which is in heaven"
(Matt 5:16 - KJV)

This scripture is Advancing Business Technologies, LLC (AdvBT) basis for conducting business. We are a Christian based business owned and founded by God. In fact, every decision we make, from the name and logo of the business, to the prices we charge, are all guidance from the Lord God Almighty.

Our purpose is to Glorify God by being a faithful steward over all He has entrusted to us . We understand that He has entrusted each client to our care. Therefore, we will be faithful to give the best product and customer service we can provide. Because the Bible is our operations manual, we do not only seek to please our customers, but also to please God. Therefore, we will be obedient to do as Jesus commanded in Mark 16:15 to " Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature ". (KJV) We will also "practice what we preach" by upholding Biblical principles in our daily operations, realizing that in pleasing God, we are guaranteed to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction!

AdvBT exists to be a blessing to you! Our motto is to take your business from one level to the next. Our team, located in Sarasota, FL, has the talent and passion to advance beyond your expectations for your business marketing needs. Whether you require web sites, multimedia, or hosting, AdvBT has brought together a dynamic and diverse team of Developers, Graphic Designers, and Marketing Analysts, who can deliver a complete package to suit your needs!

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